Buying a Drone: Two Key Features to Consider

Any time you see a breath-taking city landscape in some movie or watch a spectacular documentary film about wild animals, you can be almost 100% sure that some of the shots were filmed with the help of drones. 

Since their first advent, drones have been extremely popular. Thanks to the advanced camera technology and great stabilization they allow capturing truly amazing aerial images and videos. That’s why many bloggers, pilots, photographers are eager to get one. If you are thinking about buying a drone, too, there are two key features you should consider to make the right choice. 

Flying time

Of course, this is one of the vital aspects to consider when buying a drone. Flying time depends on the battery’s capacity and varies from model to model. Some expensive drones can fly 20-30 minutes while cheaper models can stay aloft only for 5 minutes. 

For example, this Folding 4K Camera Drone can fly for 14 minutes which allows you to take a great number of mind-blowing images. 

We’d also like to give you a tip. No matter how long the flying time of your drone is, this is always a wise decision to get some additional batteries. 


This is the second significant factor you should pay attention to. Obviously, if you want to get great shots, you should pick up a drone with a high-quality camera. Check out the camera specifications, paying attention to shutter speed, frame rate, aperture, and image stabilization. For example, this 5G Drone with Adjustment Camera takes videos with 4K Ultra HD. 

However, some drone models provide the opportunity to mount external cameras. But please note that added weight will reduce the flight time. 

Of course, to buy a good drone, you will have to study a lot of information and take into account a lot of factors such as material, range, recharging time, etc. By the way, at GizMocHI, we are offering a good choice of drones and accessories. Check them out right away! 

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