Wired or Wireless Gaming Mice: What to Choose

If you a fan of video games or a professional gamer, you might already know that high-quality gaming equipment does matter. One of the vital devices influencing the experience from the game is a mouse. 

There are two general types of gaming mice: wired and wireless. If you still have doubts about which one is better, learn the pros and cons of both types in this article. 

Wired mice: pros

  • Faster response time

USB ensures a much more stable and more responsive connection with minimal input lag for optimum gaming performance.

  • Stable connection

This advantage also comes from the type of connection. 

  • They are cheaper

Usually, wired mice have a lower price compared to wireless ones. So, if you have a limited budget, this can be an important advantage for you. 

Wired mice: cons

  • Cables

A cable can cause resistance when gaming, and this is something to take into consideration. 

Wireless mice: pros

  • Flexible movements

One of the main advantages of wireless mice is that there is nothing that can hinder your movements during the game

  • Can be used in distance

Premium wireless mice can be used up to 30 feet away from the computer without messing up the latency. That means, theoretically, you can head to the coach to play your game rather than stay by your desk. 

Wireless mice: cons

  • Need to be charged

A wireless mouse will inevitably need to be charged before the game if you don’t want to lose because the mouse’s battery died. For hardcore gamers, this could be an issue, but many modern wireless mice can hold a charge that amounts to around 50 hours, even more.

  • Higher latency

Wireless mice have an input lag of a few hundredths of a second, well below the threshold of most people’s reaction times. Plus, in premium models, there isn’t any input lag at all. 

We hope this information will help you to buy the perfect gaming mouse. If you already make up your mind, check out our collection of gaming equipment which includes both wired and wireless mice. 

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